This page contains links to various places that I enjoy visiting. Some of them are other Artists that I admire. Some are links to tutorials that I have used to learn about various things. Some of the sites are adult oriented. It's not that they are hard core porno sites or anything like that, they just may not be for children. I have lumped all of those site together at the bottom or marked them as adult oriented. I do not take responsibility for anything you may see or read when clicking on the links below. Each link will open up a new windows so you don't loose this page while visiting others. Enjoy and have  fun.

My Favorite Artists

Ryan Bliss - Digital Blasphemy Layne Karkruff - Blue Sky Heart
Kelly McLarnon - Topaz Designs & Dream Shadow Peter Sharpe
Will Kramer - Earth Curves (Mild Adult) Jack Stots Lewis
Greg Martin Worlds In The Making by David Wiles (Artistic Nudity)
Toxic Angel by Janne Pitkänen (Artistic Nudity) S.O.W.D - M. Pettersson (Mild Adult)
Brycean Worlds by Necati Hakan Pamuk  

My favorite site that I visit every day (no kidding) Is the Keeper's page. Cars, hot woman and joke of the day. The site is adult oriented so if you are not over 18, don't go there.