Welcome to my "RANTS" section. This section is a place for me to display all of the ranting I do when someone really gets my goat. I might also rant about something that I think is really cool, nice or unusual. Please keep in mind while reading through this section that everything in here is my opinion. Written down at a time of high emotions and therefore may not always be put in the best manor or very coherently. Hopefully you will find things in here to funny, enlightening, and/or informative. If you know me and think that I am writing something in reference to you, you may be right. Take it for what it is. Also, sometimes the language in this area may get a little rough. Although I do try to keep it to a minimum. You may also find that my views differ from yours. If you don't like my opinion or are to closed minded to see my side of something then perhaps you would be better off in another section of this site or elsewhere. I plan to add to this section frequently so check back once in awhile. If you see something you want to talk about feel free to e-mail me.

Greedy Credit Card Companies

P.O.W - Points Of War

Peace Activists